Our Martelli Brand has its origins in Florence in February 1967, on Via Por Santa Maria, which is very close to the Ponte Vecchio.

The shop was one of the many that was severely damaged by the flood of November 1966.
Since then, the Martelli family, now in the hands of the third generation, has produced and sold gloves made of the highest quality leather and, in addition, a great variety of linings.

Our gloves are greatly appreciated and purchased throughout the world thanks to the variety of the linings which can be custom-made according to the needs of our customers. Customers living in colder places can be sure of the warmest linings such as “lapin” and 100% cashmere.

For the customer who does not want to give up a light and elegant glove, but would still like to feel enveloped by the softness of cashmere, we can suggest a lining made of 15% cashmere and 85% silk. Customers who live in warmer places may also enjoy Martelli gloves thanks to those made of real leather which are either unlined or lined with a light silk which allows for a better fit and feels weightless to the hand.


Even today our work is done entirely by hand and consists of the following steps:

- Once the leathers are chosen, they are dyed whatever colors are desired.

- After this step has been completed, the leather is given to the cutter. Once it has been well stretched, it is shaped into the glove of the style and size that has been chosen.

- The produce is then passed on to the careful, expert hands of our personnel who are extremely experienced at sewing and then, when necessary, on to the embroiderers (for the decorative stitching on the back of the glove.

- After these steps have been accomplished and the product has undergone quality control, the linings and labels are inserted and, the production is completed with the ironing and packaging of the glove.


Since 1967, in one of the most characteristic streets of Florence, Via Por Santa Maria, just a few steps from "Ponte Vecchio" bridge.

The beating heart of ancient Florence, made up of artisan shops, traditions and glorious and centuries-old history.

We are waiting for you to discover the roots of our tradition.

Today you can choose to buy Martelli Gloves handmade gloves in our phisical and online shop, and receive them comfortably at home in complete safety.